Dear Resident;

       I am attempting to establish an emergency contact database of individuals living in the Fort Branch town limits. No personal information such as driver license numbers, social security numbers, or date of births is being requested. This is a simple and portable database that can be used to direct emergency personnel to the homes of special needs persons (oxygen dependant, other special equipment, etc.) during extended power outages, heavy snow/ice events, or in the event of an accident at your home. This information is very beneficial to us, especially if you are living alone. Please list a person who can be contacted that has information about you, that may live nearby, and who can be contacted, in person, if a widespread phone outage occurs.

     If you want to be added to our database, please complete the Emergency Contact form and return it to the Fort Branch Police Dept. You may send the information to our department by mail or e-mail. It may also be dropped off at the Fort Branch Police Department. The addresses are listed below.

Physical Address:  Fort Branch Police Department
208 W Locust St
Fort Branch, IN 47648

Mailing Address:  Fort Branch Police Department
P.O. Box 40
Fort Branch, IN 47648

E-mail Address:


                                                                          Rick Sides

                                                 Fort Branch Town Marshal

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Emergency Contact Form