Read the Story Behind the Town of Fort Branch

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How did our community become the Town of Fort Branch when it began as a series of forts in 1811? The people living in these forts gradually built and expanded them as they settled the area. The growing community gave itself several names during its early years but chose Fort Branch in honor of the river branch that sustained it. Today, the river branch still supports our water system and our community is home to more than 2,500 people and 1,000 neighbors. Visitors are always welcome, too!

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Our town's parks have several shelter houses, where you can host a birthday party, bridal shower, wedding reception, family reunion or business event. We provide gathering places for the community we love, and our goal is to help your event go off without a hitch. Contact us today to plan a park shelter rental in Fort Branch, IN.

What can you do at our town hall?

Our town hall offers resources and opportunities to get involved in the community. You can visit us or use our website to:

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We'll provide information about anything from ordinances and resolutions to bill payment. To speak with town staff, call 812-753-3824 now.